About Charlie Blacklock Musical Saws

The great American Old-Time Country Music Hall of Fame member, Charlie Blacklock, is possibly best known for his passion for and promotion of the musical saw.  As an expression of this enthusiasm, he created the best musical saw he could design, the C. Blacklock Special.  Charlie had his saws built to his specifications from the best quality materials by Valley Saw, a local family-owned saw shop that has been in business for over 100 years.  Charlie would, subsequently, customize and “tune” each musical saw himself to be sure of the quality of each instrument that left his workshop.  Charlie’s passion and care has remained as Rodney Blacklock (Charlie’s son) and family continue to build and distribute the C. Blacklock Special musical saw and accessories.  Produced with the same high quality materials and faithfully following Charlie’s specifications, the Blacklock family continues to uphold and pass on the tradition of supporting International Saw Music.