C. Blacklock Special

The C. Blacklock Special is celebrated and cherished around the world for its full, rich, mellow sound and playability. Each saw includes a hand made mallet which can be very helpful to beginners and is a solid alternative to bowing the saw. An information sheet/instruction manual written by Charlie Blacklock is also included.

What Makes a Blacklock Saw

  • What Makes a C. Blacklock Special?
  • Highest quality spring steel imported from England
  • That perfect combination of shape, taper and thickness for ease of playing, increased range and that wonderful C. Blacklock Special sound
  • Full Rich Sound
  • Handle design increases range on low side
  • Every saw comes with mallet and instruction sheet
  • Every saw is customized and fine-tuned  for sound and comfort before leaving our shop
  • Well over 2 octaves on a 28” saw
  • Made in the USA